Cello lunch buddy steel box


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About this item

  • The built-in water injection feature makes it easy to heat or cool. Simply add hot or cold water into the bottom container before breakfast, lunch, or dinner The lunch box itself does not have a long-term heat preservation effect, it needs to be added with hot water to achieve heat preservation to enjoy hot and tasty food.
  • The reusable lunch container has a split design for easy cleaning and its large capacity is sufficient for a kid as they can carry multiple items for their lunch break in just one tiffin box.
  • This Lunch box has 4 sided lock mechanism which is easy to open and close and its airtight lid, locks in the crisp of the food kept inside and avoids any unwanted spillage.
  • The box comes along with a spoon and fork so that the kids can enjoy the meal without any hassle.
  • Material- Outer plastiv and inner stainless steel, Color- Blue
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