Colour Trap Strategy & Memory Game for Kids


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About this item

  • How to Play: 1) Insert the pegs to the peg board randomly with colours hidden and try to remember the colour of each peg.
  • 2) The younger player starts first & rolls the dice to a certain colour to find the little pawn of that colour. After the player finds it, he can take it if its right & put it back on the board if its wrong. Winner of the game is the one with more coloured pawns.
  • This learning game is very suitable for early education, can improve children’s awareness of colour, logical ability and curiosity. In addition both elderly & children can use it to exercise memory.
  • This memory and matching game helps with cognitive development, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills.
  • Contents: 1 Plastic Tray, 24 Plastic Pawns & 1 Dice
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