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  • The Brainvita is a board game that is designed to boost your child’s problem solving skills, with the goal to reduce the marbles to one by the end of the game.
  • Rules of the Game: 1) Place marbles on the board leaving center hole vacant. 2) Move one marble over the other either horizontally or vertically (diagonal moves not allowed). 3) As soon as you do this, the marble over which you took the other marble has to be removed. 4) Continue moving one marble over the other till you have no option left. 5) The aim of the game is to leave only ONE marble on the board.
  • The board game not only keeps them occupied, it also doubles as a self-correcting learning tool.
  • Playing alone or with others, your child is sure to be entertained for every evening to come.
  • Contents: 1 Board and 32 Small Marbles
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