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  • Magnetic Learn to Write is specially designed for kids to build fine motor skills and improve pen control. When kids pick up and grab the magnets and match them with the printed alphabets on the magnetic board, it leads to fine motor development. Our unique Write and Wipe format helps a child overcome the fear of making errors and encourages them to keep practicing!
  • The reusable write and wipe magnetic board ensures that kids have fun while they practice writing and drawing. The write and wipe feature makes self-correction simple. If it’s not quite right the kids can simply erase and begin again.
  • You’ll discover exactly why kids fall in love with our thick, soft-touch foam letters. Not too big and not too small but just right – they’re perfectly sized, easy to grip and improve fine motor skills. The strong, full magnetic backing provides the best hold, and is safer with no small magnets to be lost, or even worse swallowed!
  • Key skills – problem solving, creative thinking, early reading, focus and attention, early writing, fine motor skills. This product Facilitates early reading and writing skills development by allowing children to absorb concepts at their own pace through repetition. This product is a perfect learning tool for Elementary School Children. It is a great Resource for Special Education and Home-schools. This product has been designed by educators to simplify teaching & learning.
  • Each set includes Write and Wipe Magnetic Board, 26 Capital Letter Magnets, Dry-erase sketch pen, Duster. This is a great learning tool for children to bond with their friends, siblings and family.
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