Rainbow Whirlpool Boll kit


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About this item

  • Made from high quality plastic material, this 7 tier, multi-colored ball drop ramp toys have sturdier pieces that would not bend while assembling.
  • The ball drop ramp toy is easy to assemble and breakdown, making playtime a breeze while you’re on the go, and very entertaining for kids.
  • Start by simply placing the ball in the top hole and watch them fall and roll through each tier, kids would be just excited as the last roll when they make it. Watch the Ball Whirl & Race all the way down.
  • Enhance fine motor skills and problem solving skills. Great interactive toys promotes intellect skills, creativity, originality and concentration, perfect eye-hand coordination exercise for babies and toddlers.
  • Contents: 7 Rolling discs, 8 Pipes, 20 Colorful Marbles, 1 Tunnel, 1 Bottom
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