World Trade Electronic Banking no.WT-13312


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  • Amazing World Trade Business Board Game Set for kids, family and friends. | Made in India Product. | Best board game set.
  • World trade game is a game of buying, selling & mortgaging properties across the world. | It’s a unique & well known family game played worldwide by a different name which gives you an opportunity to act as an international banker or foreign businessman who deals & trades in properties across the world.
  • This world trade board game comes with electronic banking with a swipe machine and 6 smart bank cards. | This is a very interesting and mind challenging property trading game.
  • Make your millions with electronic banking unit keep track of your finances at your fingertips store millions on your bank cards. | Easy to use electronic banking unit.
  • 1 playing game board 1 electronic banking unit 6 playing smart bank cards 6 pawns 2 dice 29 title deed cards houses & hotels pawns easy instructions. | A perfect game for adults. | Best gift for your little ones.
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