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About the Product

That sounds like a lovely stationery gift set! Here’s a breakdown of the items included:

2 Pencils: Pencils are essential tools for writing, drawing, and sketching. They are versatile and widely used.

1 Sharpener: The sharpener is used to sharpen the pencils when they become dull. It ensures that the pencils have a fine point for precise writing or drawing.

1 Eraser: An eraser is used to remove pencil marks or mistakes. It allows for easy correction without smudging or damaging the paper.

1 Booklet: A Booklet provides a dedicated space for creative expression. It typically contains blank pages that are ideal for sketching, doodling, or jotting down ideas.

1 Scissor: A scissor is a cutting tool used for various tasks, such as cutting paper, crafting, or trimming.

1 Pin Box: A pin box typically contains a collection of push pins or thumbtacks. These pins are used to attach papers or documents to bulletin boards or other surfaces.

1 Whiteboard Marker: A whiteboard marker is designed for use on whiteboards or dry erase boards. It has an ink that can be easily wiped off with an eraser or a dry cloth.

1 Kids Whiteboard: A kids whiteboard is a smaller-sized whiteboard specifically designed for children. It allows them to draw, practice writing, or solve problems in a reusable and interactive way.

This set of stationery items provides a range of tools for writing, drawing, organizing, and creative expression. It can be a practical and enjoyable gift for someone who loves stationery or needs supplies for their daily tasks.

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