Anand Motor Sports Car


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About this item

  • 🚗Build Parent-Child Bond: Our cop toy car encourages families to play together. Parents can inspire kids to play with this imaginative toy and teach them how hard cops work. Great for building parent-child bond.
  • 🚗Quality Matters: Our big size car is carefully crafted for children without using lead or harmful paint. Ensures no skin allergies or irritation to your little one.
  • 🚗FRICTION POWERED WHEELS: Because of the friction power, the sports car can move without any batteries or power. Just push it forward slightly and it will move forward on its own. A little push goes a long way. The rubber wheels run smoothly on every flat surface.
  • 🚗NOT JUST A TOY: Playing with these kinds of toys will provide your child with hours of imaginative play. It helps promote hand-eye coordination, sensory reception and motor skills. Your child will spend more hours staying active and outdoors than playing on video games.
  • 🚗Durable Plastic Construction: This toy car is crafted from durable & premium quality plastic. It has no sharp edges which can hurt your kid. Ensures long lasting use.
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