Aroma Diffuser Lamp no.44


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  • HOW TO USE: Place the bulb in the holder attached with this electric aroma , pour about 2 tablespoon of tap water (warm) into the shallow dish. Drop in about 5-10 drops of aroma oil into the water. Light up the bulb, with the heat of the bulb water starts getting evaporating. In few minutes you will feel the aromatic fragrance. Adding an appropriate amount of water in the groove of the essential oil warmer.Then a few drops of essential oils. Exudes a pleasant fragrance in the air.
  • CLEANING: To improve the life and performance of this , clean the  bowl at least once a week with clean cloth or scrubber dipper in soapy warm water to remove the oil deposits from the  bowl.
  • STORAGE: This product is breakable & fragile, handle with care. Being an aroma burner, this product heats up quickly. Keep out of reach of children. Do not touch directly while it is on. Wait for at least 30 minutes for it to cool down before touching with bare hands. Always switch-off the diffuser while replacing water to avoid risk of electric shock.
  • Pureefy works through diffusion into the air and would work any of your reeds, diffusers, aromafiers, humidifiers systems
  • MATERIAL: Made of Ceramic, easy refilling oil and easy cleaning.
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