Family suits toy DHT-RP-10149


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Mini Kitchen set is in great demand by girls because this kitchen set toy is dominated by pink / pink which is very feminine, so it makes a lot of girls who want to have kitchen set toys. Time to breakfast. The young little chefs are sure to love cooking up fun with those adorable pink kitchen play-set, which includes all the necessary appliances in daily life. Suitable for 3 + years old kids, this enchanting kitchen play-set is.These Super Cute toys are the best household appliance toys for kids. The 5 household toys in this set for kids are- Vacuum Cleaner, Hair Dryer, Iron, Fan, and Washing Machine. Battery-operated household appliances are extremely unique. This set will be much more exciting, whenever you and your little ones want to engage to pretend play, you both can. Household Toys are the most fun toys to play with! These toys are something unique and even more fun.

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