junior ouch test your skills


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About this item

  • It contains 28 white marbles, 2 blue marbles and 24 sticks
  • The sticks are very flexible
  • Recommended Age: 5 Years and above
  • Product Description:
    Have fun with this playset. When your kids are growing up, you want to help them as much as you can in helping them develop their mental abilities. But you still feel like you are missing out on something. Make up for it with the Ouch Mini from Toysbox.  All your little one has to do is fill the colourful moulded tower with the marbles, previously putting in the sticks to hold the marbles up. Once the setting up is done, your little one has to pull the sticks out carefully in order to maintain the marbles in the tower. One wrong move could get the marbles tumbling down in a flood. The Toysbox Ouch Mini could be your way of spending time with your little one.
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