Ekta the Young Scientist


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  •  the Young Scientist 3 Science Experiments complete kits Magnetism, Statis Electricity & Tornadoes, Clouds, and water cycle in only 1 kit.
  • Magneticsm: Young Scientist shape magnetic filings, float ceramic ring magnets and study a real lodestone. Young scientist will be thrilled to finish this kit by making their own magna doodle. 
  • Static Electricity: young scientist will create real lightning sparks, blend water, make cereal jump, have a hair raising experience and make balloons stick. Sparks will be flying when young scientist explore static electricity with this fascinating kit
  • Tornado clouds and water cycle: young scientist learn about tornadoes, clouds, evaporation, condensation and precipitation with experiments such as creating clouds in a jar and recreating the water cycle.
  • Become a young scientist and experience the electrifying set, This set is a imaginative as it is fascinating.

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